Why authentic Christianity is the only movement that can change the world

We live in a world full of confusion and chaos with social media and smart devices leaving us with a constant reminder for which it seems impossible to escape. Whether it is riots, protests, political uproar and upheaval, or natural disasters like we’ve seen recently, people are looking for a CAUSE and a MESSAGE to…

What Baseball and Student Ministry have in common

It’s Baseball season and I love baseball. It’s a great time of year where the MLB season is in full swing and of course, little league. I’ve always been an avid follower and fan of Major League Baseball since I was old enough to understand. I’ve always been big sports fan and I follow closely…

The opportunity of student ministry

The Opportunity of Student Ministry By Garrett Wagoner When you think about student ministry do you see it how God sees and has seen it historically? A common view of student ministry today is to put the students in a room separate from the adults, hire a student minister/director to occupy and entertain them until…

My heart behind my ministry and this site

I sensed a call to ministry at the age of 16 at a student camp and I preached my first sermon at age 17. When I surrendered to ministry I didn’t know exactly what spiritual gift was nor my place in the body of Christ. I just knew I was called. I thought I would…

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Preacher · October 2004 to present
I travel and preach evangelistic events, youth rallies, disciple nows, church and community wide revivals, and pulpit supply. I would love to come and serve your church or community.
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